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pam jones and her selling team service the Foothills Region of Alberta:
Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Okotoks, High River, Longview, Millarville, Priddis, DeWinton and all Rural properties and communities in between.

We hope you will find this site useful and informative.  If at any time you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  There is never any pressure or obligation when dealing with pam or her team.  Our mission is to make your Real Estate transactions flow as smoothly and stress free as possible.

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Buyer Profile System

With the Buyer Profile System, NOBODY's time is wasted.  You receive computer printouts of homes that match your criteria, and YOU pick the homes you want to see.
Benefits to Buyers
My buyers love this system because it puts them in control of the process.

You receive a computerized list based on your buyer profile with pictures and complete descriptions of homes that are highly likely to interest you.  You then receive updates every time a new property is listed that meets your criteria.  With this information, you are able to pick the homes that are of most interest and arrange to drive by them to see if you are interested in taking the next step of actually viewing them inside.

This system gives you an important competitive edge in the homehunting process as you receive ADVANCE information on hot new listings that match your home buying criteria, and are able to beat out other buyers to these hot new listings.

Compare this to the usual process where the agent chooses the homes and often wastes everyone's time driving you, the buyer, around taking you through home after home - many of which are of no interest to you.

Plus, because you are there first, before most other buyers, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible price for you.
No Pressure, Smooth Transactions
Modern Minded
Family Oriented
We're Here To Help In Any Way We Can!
Full Selection

My computer cross-matches your criteria with the MLS.  This means we search for your ideal home from amongst ALL home listings of ALL Real Estate companies in the areas you want to live.  Plus, we also maintain a database of For Sale By Owner properties that we will include information on when applicable.

Marketing To The World

With our aggressive online marketing techniques we are continuously accumulating buyers from around the world.  With a constant stream of buyers looking to purchase in beautiful Calgary and area, many who are relocating, we may already have a buyer for your home.  We combine our online marketing strategy with the traditional forms of marketing, including newspapers, MLS and local canvassing.  We also offer the unique Talking House®.  We have a sophisticated system of pre-qualifying buyers to help ensure that you are receiving the best possible marketing exposure for your home.  If you're thinking of listing your home for sale, give us a call and experience the unique pleasure of dealing with a professional, friendly and pressure free team.

pam's marketing plan
Email Notifications

Details of your property will be emailed out to all buyers in our database whose criteria meet the criteria of your property.
Canvas Cards

24 'Just Listed' Canvas Cards will be hand delivered to your immediate neighbours upon listing.

Additional Canvas Cards will be distributed if there are any major changes to your listing, such as a price change or upgrade.

For Sale Signs

Professional 'For Sale' sign will be posted on your property with directional signs if necessary.

Feature Sheets

Full color feature sheets are provided at all times within your property for buyers to take with them in order to remember your property after they have left.

All of pam's marketing efforts will utilize the benefits of full color, digital photographs wherever possible.  Specifically on feature sheets, canvas cards and most Internet marketing.  With the owners permission both interior and exterior photographs will be used.

Talking House

Our unique Talking House® feature is like having us standing outside your home 24/7 to provide buyer prospects with the information they need.
Mother & Daughter

pam jones, agent
tanya thibodeau, assistant

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To provide the tools, resources and assistance that our clients need to feel comfortable with their Real Estate transactions.


To establish a new perspective that:

Provides sellers and buyers with the peace of mind that their needs are being met;

Encourages the public to take a more active role in their Real Estate transactions;

Removes the mystery from Real Estate and Realtors; and

Allows the general public to be more at ease with Realtors.

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